What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe in Shelburne

What we are doing to keep you safe
in Shelburne

I know you all have been bombarded with notices, news and emails about the COVID-19 situation. I am hoping, this cuts through the typical administrative emails you have been receiving.

We are open

We are a healthcare provider that is deemed critical to public health and safety. To learn more, click here.

We have actively been cleaning and disinfecting ALL surfaces from the street level all the way to our bathrooms. All doorknobs, countertops, tables, etc. We have always practiced wonderful hygiene practices but now we have doubled our efforts.  I and our team will be washing hands between EVERY patient and if unable, will be disinfecting hands with hand sanitizers. All equipment and surfaces will constantly be wiped down after EVERY use. We also have our UV light air-purifiers running to go beyond the recommended protocols. Please see the video above for details on our protocols.

We have changed the layout of the office to accommodate social distancing strategies and will be asking you to leave all your phones and handbags in your car so you can come in, get adjusted and leave in an efficient way. Please text us when you arrive so we can tell you when it is your turn to come in. Upon arrival in the office we are asking every patient to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitizer.

In accordance with CDC guidelines if you have been:

  • traveling outside the country in the last 2 weeks
  • have recent onset cough, fever over 100.4 degrees or shortness of breath
  • been in contact with anyone testing positive for c-19
  • been tested for c-19

You may not enter the office and must self-quarantine for 2 weeks.

Please schedule a phone call with Dr. Heather to support you if this occurs. We’ll see you in the office in a few weeks and help you get back on your feet.

We are making special arrangements for appointment times for patients who are immunocompromised, on chemotherapy, HIV+ and our elderly population.

We also want to recognize any frontline Emergency Responders and Health Care teams and as an expression of our deep gratitude for this service in this extraordinary time, we are offering anyone in these roles six chiropractic visits between now and the first of July.

We want to support you now when you need it the most. We will help the helpers. We will do everything necessary to get you back on track as quickly as possible. We will do it at no charge. No charge to you or your insurance company. We just want to make sure you are at your best physically so that you can get through this emergency and come out OK on the other side.

Chiropractors have provided these essential health services for over 100 years and have done so during pandemics, natural disasters and following terrorist attacks such as 911 at Ground Zero.

Please spread the word to folks you know who could use this support.

For all of our other valued members of our practice, we know these folks are better educated and better equipped to mitigate exposure than anyone else with greater access to necessary testing as well AND we will be seeing these folks at specially arranged times, outside of our normal practice hours, because your safety is always our first priority.

What can you do in Shelburne?

There is still much more YOU can do to protect yourselves during these times.

Your immune system is your #1 defense against all bacterial and viral infections. Fortunately, we have ultimate control over the state of our immune systems and our families. Here are some of the best practices that we follow even in our own homes.

  • GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. Often minimized as a source of immune response but studies have shown that deep sleep improves the immune system directly. Lower your lights 1 hour before bedtime, minimized backlit screens and cuddle with your loved ones till you are lulled into a drowsy state. Do not fight it. Let your natural physiology take over and drift off into a deep slumber.
  • HYDRATION. The #1 deficient nutrient in most Americans is WATER. Staying hydrated is critical for EVERY biochemical processes in your body including your immune system. The only side effect of proper hydration is that you will “pee” a lot. Inconvenient, I know. But a small price to pay.
  • GET ADJUSTED. Regular chiropractic adjustments have been proven to support your immune system.(1) This is accomplished by improving the state of the nervous system which in turn improves the immune system.
  • EAT WELL. Be sure to eat a healthy diet. Avoid sugars if at all possible and do not overeat. Try to “graze”. In other words, eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of sitting and eating 3 meals and gorging. You all know what I’m talking about. This helps sustain a proper blood sugar level and prevents the moments of being “famished”. We all know what happens when “you’re so hungry you can eat a cow”.
  • HEALTHY SOCIALIZATION. Although the government is encouraging “de-socialization”. I encourage you to reconnect with your nuclear family through conversation, family games and lots of hugs and cuddling. Family communication and physical touch have long been associated with decreased stress and improved overall health including the immune systems of the entire family.

Join us on our newly created private FaceBook group where we will be adding content daily with specific strategies about living a chiropractic lifestyle and more...    Like home based ergonomics, and what can we do with the kids? Join now and stay tuned over the next few days while we create more content to share with you.
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Please join us Wednesday night at 6:30 pm on Zoom to learn how to raise healthy kids in our modern world. We will also cover how to develop healthy immune systems in your kids. Register HERE to get the webinar invite.

The chiropractic industry is communicating together as well and as one of my colleagues said, “Let’s practice PRUDENCE but not PANIC”. Taking the above precautions is PRUDENT. Wearing full body suits and showering with PURELL would be PANIC.

Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you and your families.

Dr. Heather and the Wellspring Team


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