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Our Techniques in Shelburne VT

I have been providing non-forceful Chiropractic care to over 3500+ patients in the Burlington area for over 15+ years and practicing chiropractic for almost 30 years. I have studied many of the most specific chiropractic techniques and I am able to adapt to meet your needs.

The techniques I have studied include:

  • Diversified
  • Gonstead
  • Pierce Stillwagon Technique (PST)
  • Palmer upper cervical specific,
  • Thompson
  • Toggle Recoil
  • Activator
  • Logan
  • Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)
  • Bio Geometric Integration (BGI)
  • Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

With this being said, I prefer to use low force approaches to get the greatest changes in the nervous system and the best results with folks. These may include the gentlest of these techniques, as well as Network Spinal Analysis, in which I was one of the first to be certified at the highest level.

In addition, I am certified as a Flowtrition Practitioner and am currently the only instructor east of the Mississippi. This was a natural step for me and I am delighted with how easily I have integrated it into my practice.

Why am I using Flowtrition and how did I start?

I first met Dr. Lance Wright, DC during my years of NSA training when he was on staff. He made many contributions as NSA developed over those years. I also was able to watch him lead NSA Basic level seminars and assisted him at some of the trainings. It was there that I observed his natural talent to teach complex concepts in a simple manner. Our friendship grew over the years with sporadic visits while I was in Dallas for other reasons. During one visit he mentioned the work he had been doing with Cavalier (Cirque Du Soleil with horses) and their horses. On subsequent visits he shared his development of an approach he called FLOWTRITION which was the way his personal practice had since evolved.

Earlier, Lance had been asked by a group of individual NSA practitioners to do a training to help them with their practices and areas where they had felt stuck. He taught them FLOWTRITION and it launched as a sought after approach with incredible results. It has since developed into a 5 level practitioner certification which I have completed.

Flowtrition is a very gentle, specific touch that addresses the body at the neurological level, allowing the body to make changes in patterns. This in turn increases oxygen and blood flow, as well as brings greater ease into the body. As a result, people notice significant shifts with improved health and well being. For instance, sometimes we are holding a pattern of tension due to an emotional or physical trauma from long ago. Even though it is over, and we have moved on, the body may be responding as if it is still occurring, because the nervous system was affected deeply. Everything that we experience is communicated through the nervous system. So the healthier the nervous system, the healthier the communication. When we are at the high end of stress, like a flight/fight/freeze situation, all of our energy goes to the muscles to take action and protect us. When we are at the other end of stress, meaning no stress, all of the energy of the body is going to our internal organs, digesting food, healing injuries, and boosting our immune system. The magnitude of a simple, but profound touch continues to amaze us, and hold us in awe of the body's ability to change and heal.

Flowtrition sessions that look like miracles, where a person improves in a way other doctors had said was impossible, or where nothing else made any difference, validates the power of allowing the body, the nervous system the chance to change through a light touch. As I have moved through this process I continue to see my own work evolving in a freer and more congruent way. In addition I see how this work will bring my greater vision of serving more people to an exponentially bigger level. I now can teach other folks to work with their own families/ friends to provide basic fundamental care that every person on the planet should be receiving... without me being the one required to provide that care. We will be offering workshops on Flowtrition in the near future. Stay Tuned…


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