What Is Be Lifeful?

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A healthy life starts with a healthy spine.

I was once asked if I could say in one word what I do for the people I work with, what would it be? The word that came to me was “Lifeful, meaning: to experience and express the fullness of Life”. To help people Be Lifeful, I desire to serve as many people in my community as possible and to save thousands of lives in the process. To educate my community on the value of having a clear and highly functioning nervous system is my call to duty.

The reason this is the case is because when I was about 13 y/old, my Dad was a student at chiropractic school. He came home on vacation one time when I was really sick with Strep throat. I couldn’t swallow anything, including the pills that the doctor had given me. My dad adjusted me and I got better really fast. Upon returning to the pediatrician, when he examined my throat he remarked that that was the fastest he had seen penicillin work on such a severe case as I had. My dad told him that I hadn’t taken the medication, but had received chiropractic adjustments instead. At thirteen, I was then waiting for the doctor to respond as enthusiastically as I expected him to with news like that. Instead, he turned his back, changed the subject and didn’t say anything more about it. My teenage brain floundered with “what was wrong with this picture!” I believe it was that very moment that I decided to become a chiropractor in Shelburne, to not only help other folks with their health challenges without drugs or surgery, but also to educate the public about it. I made my decision and never looked back and it has been a glorious way to spend the last 38 yrs.


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