It’s Back to School in Shelburne, Which Means Back to Computers!

It's Back to School in Shelburne, Which Means Back to Computers!

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Do you realize we have just about 100 days left in the year? Where has the time gone? Well, back to school means back to computers, so, if you have found yourself with your head down under the gun with constant deadlines, or even with your head down as you connect with your friends on your device, it is time to get back on track and pay attention to your posture! Top Shelburne chiropractor wants to help you stay well this school year!

Tech Neck Solutions in Shelburne

Science is now telling us that Tech Neck is a very real phenomenon that has hit our population at nearly every age and it is taking its toll. The next generation is being burdened with a distinct insidious pandemic that is not just affecting our necks causing pain and headaches, but as you will see, it actually is impacting our health!

The laws of physics apply to us too! With every inch that your heavy bowling-ball-sized head moves forward out in front of your shoulders, there is a doubling of newtons, or energy required to hold your head up against gravity. This will begin to put a tremendous load on the back of your neck and the muscles that tighten up as demand increases.

This can put extra tug on the vertebrae and contribute to misalignments of the bones which in turn can put pressure on the delicate nerves exiting from between those bones to carry the vital messages from your brain to your cells, which is what keeps you healthy and healing… unless it creates interference in the flow of information.

With the brain stem living at the top of your neck, where all the control centers for all organ systems are located, and a crucial nerve called the vagus nerve which controls all the major organs down to the large intestine, tension and misalignment of your neck and upper back is not just a neck problem it is a health problem.

The research shows that the further out in front of your shoulder your head is, it not only can accelerate degenerative arthritic changes, but it literally can take years off your life!

So with the new school year well under way, get back on track by taking inventory of how you can reduce the bad habits you have around the use of your devices to protect your spine and nervous system.

Standing desks are a great option. Below you will find a quick video where I went in search of the best options for standing desks, from the high end with all the bells and whistles, to the DIY version if you need to be frugal. I found some great options in the Burlington showroom of Creative Office Pavilion and others right in our own back office at Wellspring Chiropractic Lifestyle Center in Shelburne.

In health from the inside out,

Dr. Heather

Ps. I also mentioned the earthing mats. You can find out more about those here.

And the cushy mats we stand on are from If you decide you want to add them to your ergonomic set up, I even arranged for you to get a discount! Just use code WCLS20 to save 10%!

How will you spend the next 100 days? Get back on track and start taking care of your posture today and finish the year strong!


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